Our Services.

Executive & Leadership Development Coaching

Are you looking for growth in your career, strengthened agility of your organization, building a more inclusive environment in your business?

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, reacting to life rather than living your dream?

Do you have a goal that you dream of but can’t seem to get started?

In a coaching relationship we aim to serve and empower clients to make powerful choices in their lives. We will guide clients towards discovering or rediscovering their potential. Coaching focuses on the discovery and awareness of choice, empowering people to find their own answers, build self-esteem, confidence and fulfillment.

Change & Transformation Consulting

Are you looking to take your organization through a significant organizational change?

A major shift in existing processes?

A new way of working?

Organizations are changing how they manage change. The focus is shifting from top-down initiatives, centralized change management functions, and departmentalized efforts to a more holistic approach, with shared responsibility and change capability at all levels of the company. The goal is to create an organization so agile, with employees so resilient, that change management is a core capability and part of everyday business execution.1

The expanded use of trained executive coaches and the emphasis on managers at all levels using coaching skills with their teams are helping organizations respond more quickly and effectively to the need for ongoing change. 2

1 Taming the Change Tiger: Transforming Chaos and Uncertainty into an Opportunity, The Conference Board, Council Perspectives 53, October 2014

2 Co-Creating Transformation The Power of Coaching in Organizational Change: by Meg Gottemoeller, Senior Fellow, with Stephanie Cady, Writer/Editor

Leadership Development Training

Are you looking to build cultural sensitivity in your team?

Strengthen global collaboration?

Build leaders who care?

A blend of training, and facilitated coaching can bring expanded capabilities, a new perspective and strengthened skills.

Career Transition Coaching

Are you searching for your next job?

Rebuild confidence?

Build your personal brand and online presence?

Together we will deep dive into your key skills and personal traits, identify what you are known for. You will strengthen your LinkedIn profile and resume and learn how to leverage LinkedIn to find your next move.