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Evocent helps individuals and organizations achieve their potential in the midst of challenging and changing environments through greater awareness, better decisions and improved performance.

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Empower individuals to achieve their potential through improved achievements, connections and fulfillment.

Change & Transformation Consulting

Create an organization so agile, with employees so resilient, that change management is a part of everyday business execution.

Leadership Development Training

Foster your team’s cultural sensitivity, strengthen global collaboration, and build leaders who care.


Build your confidence and your personal brand, strengthen your profile and resume, land the job you want.

What Our Clients Are Saying


    “Christine used a series of structured training sessions for our leadership team. Topics ranged from coaching and mentoring; shared mindset; giving feedback; the three levels of listening; SMART goals; and the leadership performance circle. This enabled us to identify what areas to focus on and ultimately drove a reorganization once we fully understood that there was not a shared mindset and why. Christine is a great teacher and encouraged us to use the new knowledge to our advantage by following up with each of us. I would strongly recommend Christine.”

    -Co-founder | President, Redpath Consulting Group, Minneapolis, MN


    “You were instrumental in the journey to believing in myself which enabled me to go on the journey to a new adventure. Thank you.”

    -Sr. Instructional Designer, Plymouth, MN


    “The self-discovery and renewed confidence I have gain through Christine’s coaching has been truly transformative. She genuinely cares and helps you see that possibilities are endless through her engaging, thought provoking questions which allows you to uncover and/or affirm your strengths and passions. Christine has empowered me to embrace change and position myself for an amazing new chapter in my life.”

    -Sales Manager, Saint Paul, MN


    “The one on one coaching sessions with Christine have helped me to take a step outside of my current responsibilities and make a clear minded assessment of where I am now in my career journey, in order to open my mind to all of the available possibilities in the future, based on my specific leadership strengths and talents. Going through the whole process has been a tremendous confidence booster for me and it shows in my daily work life and personal life as well.”

    -Information Technology Supply Chain Leader, Cargill Inc, London, United Kingdom


    “Christine has an amazing ability to find within you qualities and strengths you yourself didn’t realize you had. This allowed me to improve my message and further strengthened my confidence”

    -Manager Business Continuity, Xcel Energy, Minneapolis, MN


    “I was at a point in my life when I felt overwhelmed and clouded by uncertainties, tough choices and demanding priorities. You didn’t solve my problems but listened and guided me to explore solutions that I already had inside me and taught me a powerful exercise I can reuse to help me understand the feelings of my options. So I left the session with clarity and realistic next steps. I will continue to recommend your coaching because of your genuineness, professionalism, and ability to guide to decouple complexity into measurable, attainable goals.”

    -Information Architect, State of MN, Minneapolis, MN


    “You really have a very calming aura about you that I really admire. Generally speaking I’m pretty slow to open up to people, but with you it’s like I’ve known you for years. I think that is truly a gift. Every time I leave a session I have a big smile on my face.”
    “My overall outlook on a lot of things has changed since I began to work with Christine. I’ve never felt more comfortable about who I am and the values I have…Christine helped me flush out my goals in alignment with my core values and I’m making great strides towards achieving them.”

    -Account Executive, SPS Commerce, Minneapolis, MN


    “A big help to me during my period of transition. I am a tough person to get talking about myself and you have a really good way of getting things out of me. One thing I particularly liked about your style was that you were not afraid of a “brief silence”. This really forced me to talk through some issues, when perhaps I would have otherwise not.”

    -Financial Advisor, Chicago, Illinois


    “Christine sincerely and deeply cares about everyone she encounters and working with her has been life changing. Her thoughtful, unbiased questions and feedback have allowed me the opportunity to challenge my own perceptions of my abilities and purpose. She’s a leader who removes obstacles for herself and others while continuously helping those around her achieve. It has been an absolute privilege to learn from her. “

    -Sales Professional, Oracle, Minneapolis, Minnesota


    “I’m so grateful to work with Christine! She’s helped me clear roadblocks and live each day with intention. I love having someone to help hold me accountable to my goals. “Live the life you’ve imagined.”

    -Principal Consultant, Slalom Consulting, Minneapolis, MN


    “Christine Pouliot, who has been my mentor over the past year through the Menttium program, has been a great coach, advisor, and sounding board! It has been an amazing experience to have someone willing to share all they know and to give of their time and talent and offer a new perspective. Christine also offered insight and suggestions that were invaluable when we were catching up on life’s events!”

    -Sr. Vice President and Audit Director, US Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


    “Being coached by Christine is a great personal experience. You feel safe to be vulnerable and to be who you really are. Christine is that kind of coach that provides the space you need to reflect about important issues feeling understood and supported and at the same time Christine helps you put action to go for your goals and dreams. I feel grateful to have Christine in my life as my coach”

    -Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Barcelona, Spain


    “I’m quite glad to have been paired with you at the Career Center because your encouragement boosted my confidence to just “be myself” at the career fair yesterday. I truly felt genuine as I chatted with people, and allowed myself to feel comfortable treating the day in a more exploratory manner than seeking a specific something. I also appreciated you steering me towards focusing on my passions, especially with the pieces of pie model. You gave me a whole new perspective that was especially useful at that moment in time.”

    – Non-Profit Leader, Minneapolis, Minnesota